7 ways to fight Pimples during travel

traveling can be severe on the skin. When you’re on the road, you expose yourself to much more sun and much more elements that are potentially harmful to the skin. It’s especially true during summer, when the heat and humidity rise to the roof. The skin reacts to weather changes. The cold months typically leave the skin drier than usual. The summer months, on the other hand, often pushes the skin to produce much more oil. Not to mention that the hot atmosphere makes us all sweaty. The sweat and oil can clog the pores. If you have acne-prone skin like me, you might find yourself handling another pimple breakout in the middle of summer.

If you’re hitting the beach or the road this summer, here are some suggestions to help you fight, if not avoid, the ever-annoying pimple breakouts!

Wat wordt er in deze gids behandeld?

1. avoid overwashing your face.
2. choose non-comedogenic products.
3. continue your anti-acne skin regimen.
4. Don’t touch your face.
5. wear light, comfortable clothes.
6. drink lots of water.
7. Take a shower before going to bed.

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1. avoid overwashing your face.

When we feel all sticky and sweaty, we have a tendency to wash our face often. Sometimes, too often. Ideally, you ought to wash your face once or twice daily but during summer, we tend to overdo it. Overwashing can irritate the existing pimples and can dry the skin too much. When the skin is too dry, your body produces much more oil to compensate, which fuels the never-ending cycle of getting oilier and washing again and again. The result, breakouts.

Wash your face twice daily but make it count by making sure you use the best products.

2. choose non-comedogenic products.

Speaking of best products, you ought to pick the sunscreen that suits your skin type. Sunscreen (sunblock) is very essential especially during summer when the sun is a b*tchass on the skin. The problem is, certain types of sunscreen can irritate the skin. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, make sure that your sunblock is noncomedogenic. Non-comedogenic products don’t clog the pores, which is how pimples start.

And oh, mind other non-skin care product choices, too. For example, a styling gel might look harmless but when you apply it and you get all sweaty under the sun, the sweat from your head can drip down to your face and the gel ingredients can also irritate your skin.

3. continue your anti-acne skin regimen.

Most people I know leave their grooming products at home when they are traveling. Dat is prima. Leave your styling gel, your hair wax, your perfume. but don’t leave behind your anti-acne products. You ought to continue your skin-care routine even when you’re on the road. They don’t take up much space anyway. just put them in a small container if they’re too big and you’re flying.

For example, one of the best anti-acne products out there is Proactiv. (Yep, that’s what I use!) A Proactiv kit comes with 4 products already — the Renewing Cleanser and the Revitalizing Toner, which gets rid of impurities and dead skin cells; and the Repairing Lotion, which attacks the pimple-causing germs underneath the skin. It’s a easy 3-step routine that shouldn’t be a problem even if you’re traveling. It doesn’t take a long time, either. This way, you get to continue cleansing and repairing your skin at the end of every day, making your skin feel fresher and lighter the next day. Pro-activ products come in easy-to-pack plastic containers that it won’t take too much space in your baggage. It is available in all Watsons and SM department store branches nationwide. You can also book online at http://my.proactiv.com.ph.

Proactiv Solution
Anyway, the point is, whatever your skin-care routine is, you ought to be able to keep it up when traveling. Otherwise, if you leave your anti-acne essentials at home, you’ll be defenseless ought to a breakout happen.

4. Don’t touch your face.

When traveling, we let our hands explore and touch numerous things. We pick up a souvenir product.  We eat with our hands. We We hold on to rocks, railings, what have you. Not to mention, we keep on touching bills and coins. These are things that are unavoidable. Do it, go ahead. but don’t touch your face. The dirt can irritate the skin and cause pimples. throw in some sweat and sebum and you have the ideal recipe for a breakout! and wash your hands often, too.

5. wear light, comfortable clothes.

What do clothes have to finish with pimples? Well, for starters, what you wear ought to always be comfortable, traveling or not. If you’re prone to acne, you might be interested to know that there’s a type of acne that may develop when the skin rubs with your clothing. Called acne mechanica, it is caused by the pressure or friction on the skin when it rubs with other objects such as your clothes. You can avoid this by wearing light cotton.

6. drink lots of water.

Water is essential for all the orgAns in het lichaam om correct te functioneren en dat omvat de huid. Water wast gifstoffen en andere onzuiverheden in het lichaam weg, die kunnen reflecteren op uw huid. Trouwens, je moet toch altijd een fles water klaar hebben, zelfs als je niet vecht tegen acne. Je wilt niet uitgedroogd worden tijdens het reizen.

7. Neem een ​​douche voordat u naar bed gaat.

Na een dag van het verkennen en zwemmen en alle dingen zomers doen, raakt u niet de zak zonder een bad te nemen!

Neem een ​​douche voordat u naar bed gaat. Als ik het niet genoeg benadrukt, laat me het nog een keer zeggen, zweet kan puistjes irriteren. Was je lichaam na een lange dag in de zon. Gebruik lichaamsproducten met salicylzuur, benzoylperoxide of zwavel – de actieve ingrediënten die puistjes kunnen bestrijden en puistjes kunnen verminderen. (Dit zijn trouwens ook de actieve ingrediënten van proactivproducten.)

Dat is het ongeveer. Misschien wilt u ook gemakkelijk op de vochtinbrengende crème gaan en make -up vermijden.

De zorg voor de huid zou niet moeten stoppen wanneer u op reis bent, vooral als u een acne-gevoelige huid hebt. Als er iets is, zou je je huid veel meer moeten beschermen. De zomer is het leukste van alle seizoenen, maar het laatste wat je wilt is een uitbraak die de ervaring voor jou vernietigt.

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