For the like of Siam Square as well as Platinum shopping center in Bangkok

I always have to have a hat on when traveling. moet. Altijd.

Never mind that my head is as well huge for a silly fedora hat (or any type of hat for that matter); it’s just my thing. It is comfortable, protective, as well as to a specific degree expressive. Without it, it just doesn’t feel right. If you’re traveling with me as well as you lose me in a huge crowd, all you requirement to do is area the fedora hat bobbing across the sea of humanity and, voila, you discovered me!

So on my very first morning in Bangkok, when I realized that I lost my hat, I just had to discover a replacement — fast. It was an instantaneous reaction, almost a reflex. It was a compulsion brought about an obsessive believed that I’d lose my head without it. A good friend on Facebook suggested that I just discovered myself an reason to see Platinum fashion Mall, a prominent indoor market packed with clothes as well as accessories.

When I was looking at the map to plot the very best method to get there, I discovered out that the nearest BTS (MRT) station is Chit Lom. however something else caught my eye. next to Chit Lom is the Siam Station, at one of the entry points to Siam Square! as well as in just a second of two, the entire like of Siam movie did a flashback in my head like I was lost in a lucid teen dream. (Katy Perry much?)

Even though I never truly meant to state a quick hello to Siam Square, I figured I may also decrease by since it’s along the way. as well as so I might flaunt the experience to a few of my good friends who are such large fans of the film.

A scene in like of Siam, shot at Siam Square
A scene shot at Scala Cineme in Siam Square

Wat wordt er in deze gids behandeld?

Siam Square
CentralWorld Bangkok
Platinum fashion Mall
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Siam Square

Siam Square does not disguise itself with pretenses of being culturally significant. It is what it is — a shopping as well as entertainment district. Yet, if you believe about it, it somehow represents a generation — a younger, more industrialized, more fashionable Bangkok. Catering mainly to college trainees as well as young adults, Siam Square comprises a number of blocks harbors a wide array of stores — over a hundred of ’em — clothing stalls, boutiques, bookshops, record stores, restaurants, cafes, even cinemas.

They state that the environment right here is trendy, posh, hip. I state “they say” since I wasn’t able to experience this.

This buying mecca was barely up when I visited. The location opens at 10am as well as I don’t understand what time it was during my visit, perhaps much earlier, however only a few shops, mainly fashion boutiques, were open. I was already settled with the concept of searching for a hat right here instead however it still did not show indications of waking up within the next hour. since I was pressed for time — I was planning on visiting the temples that day — I counted on the direction of Platinum Mall, all the while believing that I would return that night if I had the energy. as well as energy I did not have that night.

I was as well early for Siam Square
Siam Square still asleep
One of the few shops open that morning

CentralWorld Bangkok

Central world is the largest fashion as well as buying complex in Thailand, as well as the third largest in the world. Some state it is still part of Siam Square however it is on the other side of Thanon Rama I, one of the major arteries of the city. It opened in 1990 as world trade center however after being obtained by central group in 2002, it was renamed to CentralWorld. In 2006, after a large expansion, it beat its rival as well as neighbor Siam Paragon in size as well as land area. It headlined newspapers in 2010 when anti-government protesters set up camp right here as well as later set the location on fire.

Like many of the gigantic shopping centers in the Philippines, CentralWorld homes whatever that you can believe of. One thing that captivated me instantaneously was the statues of elephants in the southeast corner of the block. On the opposite end are two Hindu shrines: one devoted to Ganesha, as well as the other to Trimurti, where people pray for true love.

Thailand’s biggest shopping center as well as the world’s biggest butts
Golden Elephants!
Shrines devoted to Ganesha as well as Trimurti in the northeast corner of CentralWorld

Platinum fashion Mall

Located smack in the middle of Pratunam, a major market area, the Platinum fashion shopping center is one of the biggest buying destinations in the city. While they specialize in wholesale, they likewise offer clothing as well as accessories in retail quantities. (But of course, the more you buy, the cheaper they get.) The location is indoor as well as completely air-conditioned. All four floors are furnished with labyrinths of over a thousand stalls, split into classifications — men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, accessories, as well as more. The products right here are affordable (at least compared to Siam Square) as well as haggling is encouraged. It made me type of regret that I selected Bangkok as the very first stop of my backpacking trip as well as not the last. The Thai funding might have closed the trip well as well as would have enabled me a great deal of choices for pasalubong as well as souvenirs.

A bargain maze
Yummy pork knuckles! One look as well as I understood it was poor for me. I liked it regardless!
On the extremely top floor is a vast food court for shoppers. It’s extremely much like our version right here in the Philippines except that most offer Thai food, of course. Moreover, they utilize an electronic card, which client may purchase from devoted counters as well as utilize to pay for their orders. I didn’t figure it out up until the server of the third stall I tried to order from told me. getting lost in translation is something that I have discovered to accept without an ounce of bitterness or shame. After getting my card, I had the most sinful meal I discovered — pork knuckles!

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After a extremely satisfying meal, I went back to my browse of a fitting hat. All this difficulty for a hat. Actually, I don’t look at them as troubles. If anything, these long walks under the sun as well as hours of just meandering around stalls are part of the fun. After almost a couple of hours, I lastly discovered a hat that I liked extremely much. I was ecstatic. It proved that all the time as well as effort were well worth it as well as not pointless. however then again, I did not understand then that on the next day, I would lose that hat, too.

How to get here: just take the BTS Skytrain System as well as get off at Siam Station. To get to Platinum shopping center from Siam Square, walk down Rama I road up until you reach CentralWorld. (You’ll pass by Wat Pathum Wanaram, a temple.) turn left onto Ratchadamri road as well as go ahead up until you reach the very first perpendicular road after the bridge, road Phetchaburi. turn left, walk past hotel Novotel, as well as you’ll see Platinum wall on your left.

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