Loboc River Cruise, Bohol: Peculiar Bridge as well as Lunch Binge

The bridge as well as the church are the two imposing structures in the landscape opposite the raft jetty. The Church of San Pedro (more frequently understood as Loboc Church) stands proudly by the river. It is commonly thought about as the second oldest church in the province, next to Baclayon. The original church was built in 1602 however was replaced with the present church 35 years later. It has two faces: one side boasts a Baroque facade (built by the Jesuits) as well as the other bears a neoclassical deck (installed by the Recollects).

Loboc Church
The unfinished Loboc Bridge
Beside the church is an unfinished bridge, the Loboc Bridge, that appears like a threatening storm that froze in the nick of time, just when it was about to demolish it.  For the 20 minutes that I waited for our turn to board the raft, all I did was gaze at it.

Too much believing need to have been exhausting since I just discovered myself by the buffet table as soon as we were called for boarding. The personnel started packing the dishes as well as I was a lot more than delighted to dig in. They were the normal Pinoy dishes as well as there was nothing spectacular about them however the hunger was making me believe like I was having the tastiest lunch ever. After all, the food wasn’t truly the highlight of that hour; it was the cruise.

Fiesta! All the fantastic Pinoy dishes as well as desserts on one table!

Our raft glided across the water as a band began performing old like songs. even when I was gorging on a plateful of pork humba, I might not assist stopping to appreciate the rustic appeal of the place. Loboc River provides off a verdant glimmer, contributing to the greenery that borders it left as well as right.

Along the way, locals online their lives as they usually do. kids are jumping from a tree branch, teenage kids are swimming on one side, as well as adults work by the river. Our boat stopped at a station where a group of people in light eco-friendly — kids as well as old people alike — done native Filipino tunes as well as dances. It was delighting to see them showcase these dances as well as reintroduce them to us. It’s one more proof of exactly how the regional neighborhood benefits from a thriving tourism.

Members of the neighborhood performing Filipino tunes as well as dances
A regional fishing
A duo performing ballads
Another raft.
Ah, I envy this guy!
Busay Falls
The sight of Busay Falls made everybody stand as much as take the obligatory photos. It’s not a huge waterfall, not at all. To be honest, it can be a bit underwhelming particularly if you’re expecting a grand finale to the cruise. however it is a great sufficient marker for the end of the trip. The raft turned around as well as we started our trip back to where we came from — the port adjacent Loboc Bridge.

It’s a curious thing, nearly funny. It’s been understood by lots of names. “Bridge to Nowhere” is one. One public official called it a “Monument to Stupidity.” exactly how in the world did they enable the building — or even the planning — of a bridge with a heritage treasure directly on its path? There’s lots of area left as well as right; was it just a coincidence? Did they recognize as well late that the threatening bridge occurred to be stemming to the wrong direction? Or were they planning to demolish the church? It just doesn’t make sense at all.

The longer I looked at it, the a lot more concerns kept popping in my head. I have asked our motorist as well as a few other locals however nearly everybody provided me vague answers, if not non-answers. Some blame corruption. Some state that part of the preliminary plan was to ruin the church however they didn’t have sufficient budget plan to do so. Others insurance claim that there was gold buried beneath the church as well as the job was started to ruin it, thereby concealing a treasure hunt.

Whatever the score truly is, it definitely adds intrigue to the already interesting town of Loboc.

How to get to Loboc: From Tagbilaran airport, you can take a tricycle to the Bus terminal as well as board a bus to Loboc. If you’re taking a excursion (offered by hotels as well as travel agencies), the Loboc River cruise is normally one of the stops of the Countryside Tour. You may just ask your get in touch with to stop right here for lunch.
Buffet lunch: P300-P400 depending upon your chosen floating restaurant.
Entrance Fee: P150

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