THE end OF MY SOLO travels

Posted: 01/07/2013 | January 7th, 2013

“Africa will modification you,” people stated to me, “There’s something about it that impacts us all.”

Well, Africa didn’t modification me.

I’m still the exact same old me, however that doesn‘t imply Africa didn‘t instruct me something, or, ought to I say, reaffirmed a long-felt feeling.

If 2012 was defined by anything, it was my personal struggle over concerning terms with settling down. This year was an interior struggle between understanding I was prepared to work out in one location as well as my wish to hold on to my backpacker lifestyle.

After being on the road for so long, it’s what I know. It’s who I am as well as what I do.

Ending that way of life has been truly hard. As much as I understand it is time to begin the next chapter of my life, a part of me doesn’t want to let go.

But, as I sat there one night in Namibia, staring out at one of the most ideal sunsets I’d seen in a while, I realized why I never wished to go to Africa alone. in some cases the charm of travel is not as gorgeous when you don’t have somebody to share it with. as well as there I was, staring out at this beautiful sunset, as well as I was alone. I had nobody to share that moment.

Sure, there was my trip group, however it’s not the same. Sharing a moment with people you have a bond with is much different than sharing it with strangers. Days later, I kept coming back to the unhappiness I felt at that moment. There was nothing wrong with anybody on my trip — they were all nice, polite, as well as talkative, as well as we got along fine. however trips are hit-and-miss, as well as in some cases you carefully bond with people (eight years later, I’m still close with my roommate from my Costa Rica tour) as well as in some cases you don’t.

Here, I didn‘t.

And as I sat there taking a look at this gorgeous sunset while zebra drank from the close-by watering hole, a reality hit me like never before: I am alone.

And I am exhausted of it.

While I’m an introvert as well as I like my “me” time, after 6.5 years, solo travel isn’t for me best now. I no longer wish to roam cities or look upon African sunsets alone. I want to travel with people I know. I want familiar faces. I want to share moments. I make lots of buddies on the road, however I’m exhausted of having to begin over in each new city.

I believe everybody ought to travel alone at some point in their life; you discover a great deal about yourself doing so. I never regret the solo travel I’ve performed in the past as well as never felt alone or tired during those years, however Africa made it remove that it’s time to relocation on to a new chapter of my life.

Since I’ve been back, I lastly transferred to new York City. I’m living with a buddy at the moment while I browse for my own apartment. I’ve stocked the fridge with groceries. I’m cooking again. I’ve joined a gym.

I’m prepared to be only semi-nomadic.

While I have conferences, festivals, as well as a book trip that will send me regularly out of nyc over the next few months, my next experience isn’t up until may when I go to Europe – with a buddy – for two weeks.

I’ve always defined travel as an adventure, checking out the unknown as well as breaking out of your comfort zone. I don’t look at this new relocation as providing up on travel. travel is my life. I don’t want to stop, just discover a much better balance between a house life as well as a road-warrior life. new York is my new adventure.

There’s plenty to discover in new York City, lots of tricks to find, food to try, as well as things to learn.

It’s time to check out a new city, a new method of living, as well as new parts of myself. Going from a nomad to somebody with a fixed address will be as much of a life-changing experience as going from workstation worker to nomad all those years ago.

I don’t understand if this will last forever. I don’t understand exactly how long I’ll be able to sluggish down. however I’m prepared to go anywhere this path leads.

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