Top 5 PARIS SCAMS to view Out For & exactly how to avoid Them

As soon as we emerged from the Charles de Gaulle Airport, a middle-aged lady approached me and my good friend and tried to communicate utilizing indication language. She was deaf, I thought, which was supported by the piece of paper on a clipboard that she showed us. I caught the words “deaf” and “petition,” as the lady handed a pen to my friend. As he was signing, I excused myself and took pictures of the airport for this blog. When I came back, the lady was already demanding money from a friend. as well bad for her, we didn’t have cash and our ticket to the city was already settled even before we exited the airport terminal.

It was one of the numerous tourist-targeted scams that have been rampant in Paris. four days later, as I was having dinner at a home of a regional friend, I was told that that many of them, if not all, are not truly deaf. They just pretend to be able to swindle gullible tourists. It’s just one of the numerous scams in the city. right here are five of them.

Wat wordt er in deze gids behandeld?

Petition Scam
The teen women group Scam
The String bracelet Scam
The Gambling game Scam
The Did-You-Drop-This Scam
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Petition Scam

Something I’ve seen first-hand, as specified above. but it’s happening not just in Paris but in other major European cities as well.

Their goal: To take your purse or phone, or force you into making a donation.

Their typical spots: Airports, train stations, and other touristy areas.

Their MO: Someone, commonly a lady pretending to be deaf, methods you and asks you to indication a petition. While you’re busy signing, somebody else is busy stealing your purse or phone. Sometimes, they don’t pick pockets but they force tourists into paying them money by exposing that the petition is actually a donation pledge.

In other cases, they method tourists at a restaurant or cafe. You see, the petition is typically on a clipboard and there’s a reason for it. It also blocks your view of whatever it is they’re trying to steal. one of my good friends who went to Paris last year was dining at a cafe when he was approached by a lady who put the clipboard on the table, where his smart phone was on. He didn’t recognize it promptly but when she chosen up the clipboard from the table, his smart phone was with it. He just failed to see because of the clipboard.

How to avoid: just disregard them when they method you. (But always make sure you keep an eye on your valuables whenever you go out of your hotel.) If they insist, tell them you understand what they’re trying to do.

The teen women group Scam

Something that another good friend experienced.

Their goal: To take your purse or cellphone by distracting you.

Their typical spots: Touristy areas, but my good friend was victimized on the train.

Their MO: They will distract you while one of them fishes your purse or phone from your pocket. exactly how they do it varies. Sometimes, they employ the petition-and-clipboard approach. other times, they will talk loudly, make funny movements, or one of them would pretend to pass out just to take your attention while one of them picks your pocket.

How to avoid: No way of catching your attention will work if your valuables are in a protected place. Make sure your purse or phone is in a hard-to-reach part of your coat or bag. I personally choose the inner pockets of my jacket or coat, which is commonly zipped up well so no other person can touch it.

The String bracelet Scam

Didn’t occur to me, but it’s something I have witnessed myself when I was at the steps of the Sacré-Coeur Basilica in Montmartre. I caught one on video. will submit it soon.

Their goal: To coerce you into paying for an overpriced string bracelet that you never wished to buy.

Their typical spots: Touristy places, but many common at the staircase leading to the Sacré-Coeur Basilica.

Their MO: You’re walking to the basilica when a guy with a bunch of string bracelets in one hand methods you. He will try to get your attention, many likely by asking you if you want to see a magic trick, by increasing a hand for a high-five, or by telling you that he’s providing you a bracelet for totally free (a GIFT!). Whatever it is, his objective is to wrap a string bracelet around your wrist. The whole thing takes time but they’re wonderful talkers. when you have the bracelet on, he will charge you for it and demand an extreme amount. If you refuse, the other string men will method and intimidate you into paying.

How to avoid: when they method you, just disregard them. They’re annoyingly persistent but they’re not truly gonna hurt you.

The Gambling game Scam

I found this on my recent trip to Paris, on the walkway of the road that links the Eiffel Tower to Trocadero.

Their goal: trick you into betting more.

Their MO: You see a group gathered around a guy playing a bit gambling game with three cups and a ballof een erwt. Een paar van hen maken weddenschappen (op welke beker ze geloven omvat de bal). En als je stopt en kijkt, zal een van hen waarschijnlijk winnen om je aan te moedigen om ook een weddenschap te loceren. Maar die man is een medeplichtige; Hij maakt deel uit van de handeling. In sommige gevallen zullen ze je eerst laten winnen om je de volgende keer groter te krijgen. Maar het is een verliezende game omdat ze vals spelen.

Hoe te vermijden: negeer ze als u ze op straat ziet. Ze gaan je niet dwingen om te kijken.

De did-you-drop-this zwendel

Hun doel: u schaden om geld te verstrekken in ruil voor een grote daad.

Hun typische plekken: toeristische plaatsen.

Hun Mo: een dame zal je aandacht trekken en je vragen of je iets hebt laten vallen, meestal een ring. Als je nee vermeldt, zal ze je vertellen om het voor veel geluk te houden. En dan vraagt ​​ze om geld.

Hoe te vermijden: neem het geluid niet en loop gewoon weg.

Veel van deze oplichters zijn niet echt gevaarlijk. Ze zullen geen pistool of mes richten om te krijgen wat ze willen, dus de allerbeste methode om ze te vermijden is om ze gewoon te negeren en, indien nodig, vertel ze dat je begrijpt wat ze proberen te doen.

Afgezien van oplichting, zijn pickpockets ook allemaal voorbij in Parijs, vooral in toeristische gebieden, dus zorg ervoor dat je altijd je waardevolle spullen in de gaten houdt.

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